International Export Import

We are leading international export import between many countries. With our strong relationship with factories, suppliers and producers we provide good ranges of products including New Zealand Dairy Products, Baby Formula, Senior Milk Powder, Bulk Milk Powders, Ice Cream, and Goat Milk Formula. We also supply New Zealand made products like Manuka Honey UMF +, Organic Honey, Manuka Actice Honey, New Zealand Fruits, Drinks, New Zealand Lamb and Beef and more.

We have office and representative in many countries like New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

We also specialize in Vietnam made products including agricultural products as Rice, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Betel nuts, Cassava chips, Organic fruits and vegetable. We supply good quality of handicraft and textile products at very fair prices and good services that would support our partners and clients success in doing business with us.